Oral Pleasures

I want to lose myself in the moment, this moment, with you. No handset separating our voices, no distance in between us. Just close your eyes and let my melody take you away. Focus hard enough and you can feel me. My delicate fingertips, gently tickling at your thighs. You can feel my breath getting excitingly closer to your member which responds immediately by standing erect. My soft hands move up higher, my nails raking against your skin, making every single hair stand on end. My supple lips slightly brush against your tip. I’m aching to have you inside me.

But not yet.

Not yet.

I grasp your shaft firmly, feeling you pulse underneath my grip. My thighs moisten instantly. My hand moves rhythmically while my tongue starts to tease the head of your cock in small swirls and flicks. I look up at you. My blue eyes insisting that you tell me how much you want me. Beg me to take you all in my mouth. Your breath is getting heavier and your hips start gyrating to the movements of my mouth.
I take you in deeper and deeper, my tongue lapping up your shaft as I squeeze my lips harder around your aching cock. I cup your balls gently in my hand as my mouth glides faster. I start to massage them as my lips start to kiss the base. The head of your dick hits hard against the back of my throat as I let out muffled moans letting you know how much I love the way you taste. My eyes start to tear up as I take you as deep as I can.
You grip your fingers in my hair and start to move my head for me, thrusting your dick further into my mouth. I let out squeals of protest but my hands grab your hips and pull to invite them forwards. I love it when you fuck my face.
You thrust harder and harder taking a firm grip of my hair. I gasp in between thrusts trying to catch my breath, precum leaking down my lips and dribbling on my chin.
I catch a break and jerk you hard and fast. I lick my lips tasting your delicious precum and moaning as I swallow it down. As my hands rubs your shaft I take your balls in my mouth, massaging them with my tongue and sucking gently. I release them only to run my tongue all the way up your shaft and moan to you that I want you to cum in my mouth. I want you to cum for me!
With a new determination I go fast and hard. Flicking and rubbing my tongue in ways you couldn’t even imagine while my lips glide up and down your cock. I can feel you hardening even more and pulsing in my mouth. I’m ready for you! I can hear you grunt and warn me as I feel an explosion at the back of my throat. I suck on your tip while jerking you off with my hand. I want to swallow every last drop. I love the way your cum tastes. I want more! I can feel you squirm and twitch as your cock is growing more and more sensitive. I giggle as I playfully run my tongue around your head.
Thank you baby, for cumming in my mouth. I can’t wait until I make you cum again!


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