Gentleman Caller

I’m waiting. Eagerly waiting by the phone, gently biting my lip with the anticipation of hearing your voice. What will you have in store for me tonight?
In between my thighs moisten at the thought. I can’t wait for you to take me away to another one of your fantasies. I close my eyes and remember our last conversation.

You pinned me against the wall, hips thrusting into mine. You had my arms locked above my head as you nibbled, kissed and sucked at my neck. I gasp in your ear with excitement as our hips clash together. I can feel how hard you are pressing up against me. I want my arms free. I want my hands free so that I can run my fingers inside of your shirt. I want to feel your skin underneath my nails and I want to pull you in closer. You kissed me hard on the mouth, taking whatever breath I had left away.

Just thinking of that night makes my own fingers wander down my stomach , tickling my skin creating a cascade of goosebumps, and pause to play at the top of my pants. I want you. I NEED you!

Be mine tonight?

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I want to excite you!

Hey there!


As you already know I’m Bella Belle (Or just Belle for short – whichever you’d like to call me).  A little more about me… I’m brunette with the most hypnotizing blue eyes.  I’m 5’3 with a slim/athletic build and you would be surprised at how flexible I am!  My pouty lips will tease, excite and torment you.  Don’t underestimate this cute voice though.  You’ll be surprised at what dirty things can come out of this sweet and supple mouth.

I’m fun and flirty and I’m up for anything.  Nothing excites me more than trying new things with new people.  Nothing scares me away.  I thrive off pleasing people and there’s nothing I’d love more than the opportunity t make this one of the best and most memorable nights for you.  I will bend over backwards to make sure you’re satisfied.  All you have to do is tell me your fantasies.

Whether you are looking for some flirty fun, dirty teasers, sensual pleasure, a little role play, hard and rough, or maybe just a little company, I’m your girl!

I will try my best to be available for you as much as possible but you can always message me!  I’ll reply within the hour if not sooner.  Even if I’m not taking calls at the moment I would love to chat with you and arrange a time that’s good for both of us!

Stay tuned for more posts on my blog as I’m cooking up some hot erotica for you all to enjoy.  If anyone wants anything a little more personal let me know and I’ll put together a sweet little goody bag for you!

I will be keeping my rates lower for all of October so you can get to know me better!  I can’t wait to hear your voice and get to know what you like and what makes you tick.  Call me!

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